Wedding, elegant and handbag fans : refined accessories for every occasion. Looking for a touch of grace and freshness for your wedding or elegant event? Wedding, elegant and handbag fans are the perfect answer. These refined accessories not only add a touch of glamor to your style, but are also practical and functional. Discover our exclusive collection of elegant fans , designed to satisfy every need and adapt to every occasion.

      Wedding fans are the perfect accessory for newlyweds and guests who want a touch of timeless elegance. Made from luxurious materials such as lace, silk and satin, these fans will add an element of style to your big day.

      If you are looking for a way to stand out on special occasions, the special Viganò fans are the ideal accessory. Available in a variety of designs, colors and luxurious materials, these fans are designed to attract attention and complete your look with distinctive style.

      Finally, for a touch of freshness always at hand, handbag fans are the ideal choice. Compact and lightweight, these fans can be easily stored in your handbag and taken out when needed. Perfect for casual occasions, meetings or nights out, handbag fans ensure you stay cool and fashionable in every situation.

      48 products

      48 products