Discover the refined beauty of cameo pendants , jewels steeped in history and timeless charm. Cameos , with their intricate engravings on shells or precious stones, embody the elegance and art of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Made in Torre del Greco according to an ancient Italian tradition with engravings made by hand or machine, cameos are jewels with a unique charm. Available in various colors depending on the precious stone used, they have a gold or silver frame and a central shell, carnelian, chalcedony or chrysoprase stone.

      Cameo pendants represent a perfect fusion between tradition and modernity, expertly crafted by skilled craftsmen, each cameo tells a unique story through its detailed engravings and impeccable workmanship.

      Add a touch of vintage elegance to your everyday outfit or transform an evening dress by wearing a charmingly designed cameo pendant . Some cameo charms come with a pin on the back and can be worn on dresses and blouses.

      In addition to their aesthetic beauty, cameo jewelry is a beautiful symbol of tradition. Passed from generation to generation, these precious jewels carry with them a rich history and a sense of family continuity.

      33 products

      33 products