Here we are, new site, new look!

The first blog article is never forgotten.

Here we are, new site, new look. The last period has been difficult for all of us but we hope it will be an opportunity to come back stronger than before, with new ideas, projects and resolutions. Hopefully we've learned something. We, for example, have learned that we must reach you even when you cannot come to us.

You, loyal customers for many many years and you, perhaps landed here by chance.

We have two souls as we wrote on the home page. Two souls, two shops and a lot of different identities.

Some of you are here looking for beads, perhaps, to make bracelets and earrings. Others are companies looking for embroidery materials for fashion, still others a jewel or a hat for a wedding.

Yes, we are all these things and after 100 years of "separation" it is time to tell you what we are. A unique, family-run company, with a very long and beautiful past and a future in the making. In the future you will be there, if you want.

Soon you will be able to browse our virtual shop windows among these pages. Just a little more patience, we're working on it. In the meantime we are waiting for you as always with us.

If you have something to report on this new site, or a suggestion to give us, we will be very happy. Really.

All we have to do is say see you soon and... welcome!

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