Of news and expectations

Let's start from waits...

There is still a strange atmosphere in Milan. We are at the end of October and we are all walking on a tightrope. We don't know what will happen in the next few weeks, waiting for a response.

It certainly cannot be denied: we are in the center and the center is slowly emptying out. And U.S? We are adding lots of new items to our online shop (not yet open) to arrive ready soon, to allow you to buy your Christmas gifts, a tradition for some. We are doing our best to arrive in your homes virtually.

It's not novelty?

Meanwhile, I'll already tell you that... ours carillon are back! Those who know us know that every pre-Christmas there Cannobio workshop it is filled with glittering and melodious snowballs. This year we decided to exhibit them first. Of necessity, virtue! So, mask and amuchina and I'll wait for you to see them! (I'll reveal to you that the one in the photo in the post was renamed by us The Miss from Paris, our favorite music box. Seeing is believing. It will enchant you).

Another new thing we love: we had some made circles very comfortable and very chic. You can find them both in the Boutique and in the Shop (a little more in the Shop to tell the truth). I'm waiting for you to try them?

Instead of novelty in Boutique Gonzaga? What if I said leather and cashmere gloves, colorful berets with very chic veils and new bags? You will see everything on the shop in a few weeks but as many of you know ours are almost all unique pieces, so... we are waiting for you to see you in person, even if from a distance and masked. But you know, there's nothing like talking to each other and "feeling" each other presence, despite it all. See you soon!



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